Road accidents: Guarantee express and General Express suspended

The Minister of Transport has slammed sanctions on two interurban transport bus companies for fatal accidents on the Yaounde – Douala highway.

Sanctions on Guaranti Express

A month long suspension of transport activities was given to the guarantee Express interurban bus company. The driver who was involved in the fatal accident on the Yaoundé – Douala motorway was also suspended for one year.

According to a press release made public this Tuesday, 31st July 2018 from the Minister of Transport, Jean Ernest Mesena Ngale Bibehe, the sanctions against the driver and the transport company were handed down on after results of an administrative and technical investigation on the circumstances of the accidents blamed the driver.

The accident that resulted in the death of one person and several others were injured in the accident that occurred on 18th July 2018 on the Yaounde – Douala.

The Ministerial decision suspends the 2nd Category Ordinary Public Transport License category N° 37885/SSDT/MINT/DTR/NW given to Guaranti Express for a period of one month.

Categories B, C, at D driver’s license N° NW-116693-10 delivered on 19th April 2017 in Bamenda to Mr Njanyu DrefuseTantho, driver of the bus that was involved in the accident was also suspended for a period of 12 months.

Sanctions on General Express

Another Ministerial decision signed this Wednesday 1st August 2018, santions General Express and it’s driver. It suspends driver’s license N° DTT -117222611, categories, B, BE, C, CE, D and DE delivered on 11 November 2016 belonging to Mr. Mekonga Wenceslas for a period of one year for non respect of highway regulations.  The decision emphasized that his non respect of speed limitations resulted in a deathly accident on 30th March 2018 at MANDOUMBA, on the Yaounde – Douala highway.

Mekonga Wenceslas is prohibited from all driving activities throughout the national territorial during the period of the suspension, otherwise he will face the law, the decision added.

The General Express was also suspended. According article 4 of the decision suspending the interurban bus company, only the Minister of Transport can authorize the company to resume activities.

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