Tabaski 2018: Muslims implore God’s grace for peace in Cameroon

Muslims in Cameroon have joined others worldwide this Tuesday 21st August 2018 to celebrate the feast of the Ram also known as the Feast of the Sacrifice.

Observance of the Tabaski in Tsinga Yaounde

The faithful clustered in specific prayer grounds for prayers especially for peace in Cameroon.

In the Tsinga Islamic complex in Yaounde, one of the main prayer grounds in the political capital, the assistant Imam Bouba Goigoi prayed for Allah’s intervention in the face of the upheavals in some parts of the country.

The Imam implored the faithful to trust Allah and look up to him for solutions to all life’s challenges.

He urged them to emulate the example of Prophet Abraham who undertook to offer his son as sacrifice and God quickly intervened with a solution.

Women and children join in the prayers

In the presence of the Minister of Communication Issa Tchiroma Backary, the Muslim community also prayed for a stable country during and after the 7th October Presidential election.

At the Biyem Assi central Mosque still in Yaounde, Imam Zackary Baba implored Allah to give more wisdom to the country’s leaders and let love reign among the citizens.

Muslim faithful praying for peace in Cameroon

Imam Baba called on the faithful to pray ceaselessly for peace to return in the parts of the country facing unrest due to the ongoing socio political crisis.

In Garoua, North region of Cameroon, hundreds of Muslim faithful gathered at the Poumpoumre Central Mosque for the prayer of sacrifice.

The great Imam of Garoua, Modibo Djafarou led the faithful in prayer that essentially focused on a peaceful and prosperous Cameroon.

The Lamido of Garoua His Majesty Alim Garga Hayatou in his address urged faithful to respect state institutions and adopt republican values.

The rains did not dampen the enthusiasm of the celebrations in Bamenda, North West Region.

Muslim faithful braved the bad weather and trooped out for the sacrifice prayers where the Imam of the Bamenda Central mosque led prayers for peace and dialogue in this atmosphere of socio political tensions in the two English speaking regions in the country.

The Tabaski is the second Islamic holiday observed by the Muslim faithful this year.


Bruno Ndonwie Funwie


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