Tenor thrill hundreds of fans in Yaounde

Cameroonian urban artist, Tenor fondly called “Mr Le Mfiang Le way Le Yamo”has thrilled hundreds of fans in his long awaited grand concert at the Yaounde Multi-purpose Sports Complex.

The new generational artist had the backing of celebrities like Samuel Eto’o Fils amongst others.

Mr Le Mfiang made his debut entry on stage with a Cameroonian jersey number 9 in honour of Cameroonian International footballer, Samuel Eto’o Fils.

Amidst the deafening shouts and cheers from the crowd, the guest of honour Samuel Eto’o Fils mounted the podium.

At this moment the excited crowd shouted his name as he handed over the Cameroonian flag to the artist of the night, Tenor.

The emotions were heavy and the love undying as the startled crowd kept their voices high seeing the footballer embrace Tenor.

Many chanted some of the chorus of Tenor’s latest spanking song “LVMH”

In the loudest tones the fans sang along with Tenor

“I’m too swag, I’m too swag, I’m too swag

Look at my swag, Look at my swagg, Look at my swagg”

The overwhelming joy and emotions must have been the reason why Tenor removed his jersey while performing “LVMH”. He teased the public when he mentioned throwing his jersey into crowd. This caused chaos as many scrambled to grab the shirt.

At this moment, many Cameroonian artists who turned out in their numbers to support Tenor made their way to the stage.

Popular female uprising star, Blanche Baily with her famous song “BonBon” joined Mr Le Mfiang Le way Le Yamo to share her love with the young artist.

Others like the rapper, KO-C performed “Balancé” alongside Tenor to the amusements of the crowd. KO-C wooed the fans with his most loved song “Bollo c’est Bollo”.

Another celebrated musician, Locko, the voice behind “Sawa romance”, “Je serai la” and many others singles made his way to the stage.

The two charmed the uncontrollable fans with irresistible beats from Tenor’s “LVMH”.

Other Cameroonian artists like Nabila, Dj Petit Piment, Joel P, Nyangono du Sud, Petit Malo, Maahlox le vibreur and many took turns and shared moments with their fans

Upcoming artists like Fresh gang, Quartier Ndoleh, Enfants de Koeurs, Romeo, BIR Group and Simba amongst many others also stole the show to sell their talents to the public.

With all the fun and excitement, some four young artists exhibited their creative works in drawing. Crafts that was very much appreciated by Tenor and the fans.

The concert was a great success as DJ Cyrius Black pulled his resources and know-how to keep the fans on their feet dancing throughout.

Half way gone in the concert, many fans still hustled and bustled to have their way to the complex as idle ones made away with phones, bags and items from the crowd.

The master of the ceremony who could not hide his emotions said every 18th August will be remembered as a big day in the history of Cameroonian urban music.

At the end, Tenor expressed his gratitude to these artists and fans for showing up.

Sonia Teyou (Intern)




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