UPC National President supports Akere Muna’s candidature

The National President of the Union of the Peoples of Cameroon, UPC party, Habiba Issa has given her party’s support to Akere Muna, of the popular Front for Development, PDF party for the 7th October, presidential election.

She formalised her party’s stance on Saturday, 25th August 2018 during a grand PDF rally organised in Yaoundé.

Akere Muna, the candidate of the “Now Movement”, described the date as a historic day in the lives of the UPC and the PFD parties as both parties have come together for a common course.

The two political leaders who share the vision of creating a new Republic anchored on social justice and solidarity described the UPC support as a turning point in the construction of the project.

Akere Muna, who credits himself as the candidate of change recalled the heavy price paid by the founding fathers of the UPC for the independence of Cameroon including; Um Nyobe, Osende Afana, Félix Moumé, Ernest Ouandié and many others. He said at a time when the country is one again affected by crisis, it is indispensable to work together a build a new republic.

The national President of the UPC, Habiba Issa, whose candidature file to run for the 7th October election was rejected by the Electoral Board of Elections Cameroon, ELECAM, described Akere Muna as the best of all the candidates.

She said for about 60 years since Cameroon gained independence, Cameroonians of English expression have never held the office of President of the Republic and it is time for an Anglophones to take power.

Elvis Teke

Elvis Teke

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