2018 back to school: Commercial motorbike riders declare higher turnover

Commercial motor bike riders acknowledge they are presently into good  business following the 2018/2019 school resumption in Cameroon.

This period comes after what they described as a dormant period characterised by economic hardship during the three month holiday.

This period of prosperity can be explained by two unrelated factors;

#The dense traffic that makes the bike an alternative means of transportation
#A good number of holiday makers, who was competing with full timers are back to school.

Many state that their daily income has simply doubled.

Mr Maurice Bagansou, owner of a black Sanili bike resting in a shed states
“Since Monday 3rd September  2018 there has been lot of change. It even started on Friday,”

He continue,“Yesterday, I went back home with 10,000frs,”

Most of the  bike riders shared similar views.

In a non scientific sampling, many pedestrians declared they preferred motor bikes to taxis during rush hours because of the propensity to meander between other vehicles and arrive much faster.

Others however declare they would get on a bike as  last resort because most of the riders are irresponsable.

“ These children ride like mad people. They fly as if they do not know that they can die,” Ngono Chantal lamented.

Tasha Seidou (intern)

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