2018 Back-to-school: Day-one ends with all actors onboard

The 2018 / 2019 academic year has kicked off across the country in earnest.

As early as 6:30am this 3rd September 2018 the streets were crowded and traffic was more intense with pupils and students heading to different directions.

In most of the secondary schools visited, students, teachers and the administrative staff were apparently ready to begin another academic year.

At the entrance of most of these schools, security and law enforcement officers were present to ensure that no outlawed article gets on-campus.

Stephen Chia Chi, Principal of the Government Bilingual High School Yaounde watched his students stream into campus and led the first “morning devotion”, assembly of students for the academic year.

Just like in other schools, Mr Chia Chi and his staff gave out pieces of advice to the students before the hoisting of Cameroon’s flag and chanting of the national anthem.

By 8:30am, classes had effectively begun though the administrative blocs of most schools were still crowded with parents seeking late admission.

At Government High School Ngoulmekong – Yaounde, students of Sixième in the Francophone subsystem started off with English Language.

The English Language teacher, Jacques Bessala applied special teaching techniques to retain the interest of these young Cameroonians who were into the first hour of secondary cycle.

At the Mayo Tsanaga Division where a good number of students are internally dispaced and victims of the Boko Haram incursion, didactic materials were distributed on this first day.

Food vendors on the different campuses were all positioned waiting for lunch break as if back-to school is also back to work for these on-campus petty traders!

Out of the campuses, the towns were still crowded with parents in bookshops and commercial centres.

Eleanor Ayuketah

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