2018 Back to school: Road congestion, another cause for concern

Back to school is a very special period for parents, students, school administrators and government officials.

Each category has reason to move from one point to the other which explains the dense traffic experienced especially in major towns.

Due to the dense traffic that slows circulation during rush hours, road users  especially taxi drivers with a good mastery of the town resort to secondary roads.



Jack Mofo, taxi driver in Yaounde says the unbearable traffic jam around the Tradex petrol station at the Regie junction  is reason to go through the Dragage neighbourhood especially after 8a.m.

At the Jamot junction this Wednesday, 5th September 2018, cars were held down for over 30 minutes , difficult  for these commercial vehicles that get  daily income from the number of persons transported.

Though the Delegate General for National Security has ensured the systematic presence of the police in major roads, back to school and the accompanying effervescence remains an issue.

Most persons have ressorted to the use of commercial motor bikes during this period of transportation hardship.

Unfortunately, very limited passengers can be served, even more commercial motorbikes are prohibited from some areas of the towns.

At the start of every school year the problems are the same and stakeholders have learnt to cope with the inconveniences.

Sonia Teyou (Intern)

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