2018 Back to school: The problem of admission

The 2018-2019  academic year has effectively kicked off but not for students who are yet to gain admission into secondary school.

Some parents and guardians are currently shuttling from one institution to another in search of a place on the bench.

Those who have made several failed attempts are on edge while others wonder why.

Admission into secondary school: The procedure

“The student’s file composed of a stamped application, report card of last academic year and a photocopy of his/her birth certificate has to be deposited,” Charlotte  Guechoun, Vice Principal of Government Bilingual Practising High School explains.

She says a committee later sits to examine the applications.

All students with complete files are admitted depending on the class volume.

“We have pasted lists specifying the number of students  per class. If the class is full, we can’t admit more students ,” Charlotte  Guechoun adds.

The Controversy

From empirical observation the process is not as smooth as that described by the Vice Principal.

Some parents speak of  a particularly difficult exercise but this appears to be due to lack of information.

Ajong S states that many warned that the admission procedure for her brother will be difficult but her experience  was different.

“All I did was get my brother’s application stamped, a photocopy of his birth certificate and his report card for last academic year deposited in the school and his name figured on the admission list without me meeting the Principal.”

Ms Ajong S says getting the right information is crucial.

Parents need information on the admission procedure in order not to fall into the circle of bribery and corruption.

Eleanor Ayuketah Ngochi

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