2018 Back to school: Transportation to and from school another challenge

Its back to school and the age old problem of transportation comes up again.
Many teachers, pupils and students leave long distances to attend school and have to be present in school on or before 7:00am

This explains the rush witnessed as early as 6:00am.
The hooding of private vehicles, clandestine transport cars and taxis battling with commercial motobikes gives the picture of how busy the mornings can be especially in big towns.
At the Chapelle Nsimeyong neighborhood this Thursday, 6th September 2018, it’s 6:30 a.m. children sollicitating different means to go to school by taxi, bike or on foot, 7:00 is fast approaching.
The most spectacular of this all is the omnipresence of commercial motobikes on the streets.
Two, three sometimes four students are transported by one bike.
Siblings are transported in the same numbers though some parents are skeptical of their children’s safety, but 7:00am is fast approaching.

Make no mistake, some students have private and direct transportation to school. The family car is put at their disposal, one parent or the driver does this as a matter of routine.

However, a good number of these pupils and students go to school on foot.

Florence Achu, a mother of two young school goers says she walks her two daughters to school. They are too young and walking them to school is more reassuring.
Other children treke to school in small groups rendering the exercise less tedious

Between 6:00-7;00a.m, school buses are spotted in neighbourhoods picking up other school goers who subscribe, off course its not free.
The bus service are mostly carried out by private schools.

The different options of transportation depends first on the age of the child, the distance to school and the financial strength of the family.

Sonia Teyou (Intern)

Danielle Mouadoume

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