2018 Presidential Election: A morning with Cabral

It is an ordinary morning with the presidential hopeful for the Univers party.


Apart from the many interviews granted to pressmen and exchanges with close aids, Cabral Libii remains a family man.

The “early riser” and devout Christian begin the day in morning prayers with family.

Murielle Paggy Libii who is accompanying the husband keeps him on check if only in respect to his daily routine.

Murielle Libii makes sure breakfast is served latest 7AM before the husband goes out on campaign.

Breakfast is not reserved only for Mr and Mrs Libii as members of the Univers campaign team are always welcomed.

Enough protein and vitamins are contained in this first meal on which the team depends until evening.

On the table, discussions on the previous day’s activities, laughter over humorous moments of the day and plan for a better day ahead punctuates breakfast.

Breakfast never goes uninterrupted

At daybreak the press positions outside the hotel where Cabral Libii is lodged requesting for interview.

In his characteristic manner, he does not shun the microphone, he gives each press man a turn and answer to the questions asked.

Before stepping out for the day’s activity, the presidential candidate holds working sessions with his campaign team.

The activities of the previous day are reviewed and plans of the day are discussed.

Out of the hotel, a new day begins with supporters requesting for photographs and others simply saluting the courage and determination of the 38 year old.

Cabral Libii considers this all as a life changing experience.


Bruno Ndonwie Funwie

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