2018 Presidential Election: ADD deploys caravan-styled campaign

It has been a busy day in the political sphere of Cameroon after the launch of the 2018 Presidential Election this Saturday 22nd September 2018.

Away from the old fashion campaign strategies like holding of meetings and distribution of items, the ADD and its task force introduced a music caravan strategy to woo voters.

The caravan styled campaign was led by motor bikers cloth in the colours of the ADD party.

Many of the bikers blew whistles and sounded horns as the party crew made turns along the streets of Yaounde.

They chanted songs like, “Garga is our president” or “vote Garga the best choice”

Just behind them was a vehicle with mega phones on both sides plus loud attractive musical pieces.

At some instances the party supporters pleaded with the onlookers and the city dwellers to vote their party president as the next head of state come Sunday 7th October 2018.

The caravan moved through some of the popular neighbourhoods like Mokolo Market, Madagascar, Mbankolo, Carefour Bastos, Rond point and many others.

Along the streets of the Briquiterie neigbourhood, muslim and nordist supporters ran out of their business spots to wave at Garga Haman Adji.

Here, the presidential candidate made a greet-the-stopover before taking off admist the excitement from supporters.

He made some friendly gestures while throwing the party flyers, the ballot papers and some party accessories.

Children who could barely content their excitement joined the caravan with many running and shouting as if to say the music was attractive and entertaining.

A good number of them scrambled over the flyers and party ballot papers as the party president continued throwing them out on the streets.

At the Etoudi neigbourhood, the party trail was reserved an August reception from the market women and the passers-by.

In his gold coloured camry toyota vehicle, Garga Haman Adji lowered his glasses to share smiles with the women and the supporters.

The caravan continued to Obala drove through Monatele, Evoudou, Okola before returning to the headquaters late in the night.

At some instances the caravan criss crossed other supporters of different parties in their party attires as well

Benly Anchunda