2018 Presidential Election: Election colours fly high in Mbanga

It is 9am, 22nd September 2018 in Mbanga, Littoral Region and the Presidential Election fever is gradually gaining steam.

Billboards have already been posted as campaigns for the various candidates officially take off.

Banners also fly high announcing meetings and in the midst of these, the population wait for proposals from the candidates.


The enthausiasm is not yet at its peak partly because the campaigns are just beginning.

A few people in Mbanga however, discuss the importance of a Presidential election.

“As a citizen, it is my duty to vote so I will go out and vote on 7th October,” explains Brigitte, a trader in Mbanga.

Sandrine, a worker at a fueling station on her part says her wish is for Cameroon to have a peaceful and successful election.

Discussing the general conduct of the exercise which begins today, many say the present 2018 Presidential Election is a true reflection of Cameroon’s democracy.

One inhabitant who preferred anonymity lauds the increased visibility of candidates and says everyone is looking forward to a transparent election.

By 2pm this 22nd September 2018, the town of Mbanga is sure to vibrate as the first Presidential Election campaign in the area will be launched by Candidate Serge Espoir Matomba of the United People for Social Renovation (PURS) party.

Eleanor Ayuketah Ngochi