2018 Presidential Election: National Vote Counting Commission begins work

The National Commission for counting of votes have been installed.

The commission members were installed by the President of the Constitutional Council, Clement Atangana.

They were reminded to be diligent and respect deadline.

According to the Electoral Code, the commission has no more than five days to hand over the final counting sheet to the Constitutional Council.

The five days given the National vote counting commission is included in the 15 days given the Constitutional Council to handle post election petitions and proclaim results.

The chairman of the National vote counting commission, Emile Essombe told pressmen that the task assigned the National vote counting commission is to compile results from divisional vote counting commissions and those from abroad.

They are also expected to correct any mathematical errors in the reports before handing over the final copy to the Constitutional Council.

Emile Essombe said immediately after installation, the 22 members will constitute themselves in committee while waiting for all the reports to get to them.

The 22 member commission composed of :
One representative of the Constitutional Council,
Two representatives from the Supreme court,
Two from the Ministry of Territorial Administration,
Five from Elections Cameroon and one from each of the nine political parties that took part on the Presidential election.

Elvis Teke

Elvis Teke

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