2018 Presidential Election: Thousands present in Cabral Libii’s official campaign launch

If the 2018 presidential election can be determined by crowds in a rally, the Univers party candidate Cabral Libii could be considered winner.

The crowd that came out to listen to the young politician officially launch his campaign this Sunday 23rd September 2018 was simply astonishing.

Eye witness say it is the first time the Stade CICAM in Douala, has been jammed to capacity.

The crowds filled the whole area, extended to the roads causing traffic to slow down.

Thankfully, security officers kept the crowd in control to avoid any incident.

When the presidential candidate for the Univers party took to the stage, he expressed amazement at the number of supporters who rallied for him.

The very enthusiastic crowd applauded at every sentence Cabral Libii uttered.

He told the party sympathisers that the time for change is now and his party is ready for the challenge.

He said his political agenda for Cameroon, amongst other reforms, will place the country amongst the most transparent governments in Africa.

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The Univers Party candidate said voting for him is voting for more jobs, better education, health care, less corruption.

Cabral Libii said the only thing left for them to do is to go out and vote for change come 7th October 2018.


Bruno Ndonwie Funwie

5 pensées sur “2018 Presidential Election: Thousands present in Cabral Libii’s official campaign launch

  • 24 septembre 2018 à 8 h 47 min

    The chance and strength of a promising and efficient youthful exuberance seem to be a factor to be put into consideration at this very important moment in the history of our fatherland. If Barack Obama has succeeded in America, then Cameroon should not be the exception in the rule. On a level playing ground, everything is possible and even the youngest of all can stand the test of time.

    • 25 septembre 2018 à 17 h 41 min

      You are right and thank you for the contribution. Everyone has the opportunity to bring about meaningful change.We are glad to know you are visiting our site.

  • 24 septembre 2018 à 15 h 14 min

    Il y a des signes qui ne trompe pas… Je ne dis que ça.

    • 24 septembre 2018 à 20 h 04 min

      Si ces signes nous étaient communiqués…..


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