2018 Presidential Election: Univers party and supporters welcome Cabral Libii

Senior members of the Univers party and hundreds of party supporters have welcomed their presidential candidate Cabral Libii who flew back at the end of an international tour in Europe and some West African countries.

Mr Libii arrived the Douala International Airport at 3AM this Sunday 23rd September 2018 to begin the campaign.

The all night wait for the presidential candidate was punctuated with singing and animations from Party supporters.

Upon arrival, Cabral Libii was stunned by the general mobilisation and number of supporters who sacrifice a whole night to give him a befitting welcome.

He briefed the militants on the fall-outs of the trip and also got updates from top officials on recent developments during his absence.

In an interview with pressmen, Cabral Libii  gave a summary of his activities with the Cameroon’s diaspora.

Turning to his supporters

Mr Libii said 3PM at Stade CICAM in Douala is an important rendez-vous.

He appealed to his supporters to return home, get a good rest and answer present for the mega launch of campaign activities.


Bruno Ndonwie Funwie


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