China-Africa: New perspective and win-win partnership

The Forum on China-Africa cooperation has ended in Beijing.  China sat with 53 African leaders or representatives to discuss win-win partnership.
(Swaziland the only African country absent maintains diplomatic ties with Taiwan.)

Discussions were held at a time when African countries have embarked on a holistic approach to the continent’s development.

However, each country at the meeting went with specific expectation from the People Republic of China.

Cameroon in the Conference

The delegation from Cameroon led by President Paul Biya leaves China satisfied, the fall-outs were many.

#President Paul Biya asked from China and obtained a partial cancellation of Cameroon’s debts.
#The President asked and obtained from China the financing of three dense traffic motorways; the Yaounde-Douala, Edea-kribi and Yaounde-Nsimalen motorways.
#Two technical cooperation agreement concerning three health facilities were signed.

While the President discussed with his peers, other members of the delegation, government Ministers and representatives of the business world from GICAM talked business with Chinese companies.

At the end of visit new avenues of cooperation were opened at country and at continental levels.

The 2018 Beijing declaration

The 2019-2021 action plan clearly indicate another milestone in cooperation.

“They agreed to develop
FOCAC into a brand of China-Africa solidarity and cooperation, and a banner that guides international cooperation with Africa under the principle of consultation, cooperation and benefit for all.”

China’s interest in the African continent evidently is an envy to other development partners, according to the declaration.

“The vigorous development of China-Africa cooperation has not only promoted the progress of Africa, but also inspired international partners to pay closer attention to Africa and increase their input into and cooperation with the continent”

Pamela Bidjocka

Elvis Teke

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