Decentralisation: Mayors build capacity on financial management

Some seventy one mayors of councils in the Centre region are in Yaoundé for a five day seminar on accounting.

The training comes at a time when government is accelerating the decentralisation process giving more responsibility to local councils.

Many reports including one from the Supreme Court Audit bench reveal a number of lapses in book keeping within local councils.

Municipal administrators do not comply with the laid down procedure.

These reports called for dire need for municipal administrators to get adequate training for a better management of financial resources

This seminar is therefore organised to train municipal administrators on how to better manage financial resources for local development.

The Minister of Decentralisation and Local Development George Obam during the opening ceremony identified a number of innovative procedure in the management of financial resources  of councils.

He stated emphatically that councils shall henceforth be systematic monitored.

Accordingly, Mayors shall be required to submit detailed financial reports to hierarchy for validation.

A minimum of 100 million CFA Francs will each be allocated to councils for development projects.

The Minister of Decentralization and Local Development was hopeful that after the seminar the decentralisation process will get into full gear.

Council officials of four other regions in Cameroun are receiving a similar training.


Bruno Ndonwie Funwie

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