Football: A Team Press Officer, an image builder

The Cameroon Football Federation,FECAFOOT is in the process of compiling a list of the technical bench of the indomitable Lions.

Amongst the personnel that make up technical desk of the Indomitable Lions,is the Team Press Officer.

CRTV Website took interest on the post of the Team Press Officer, one of the main actors in the technical bench of the team.

Who is a Team Press Officer?

A Team Press Officer manages the communication and builds the image of the team with the public.

He or she ensures a friendly relationship between the team and the madia.

Qualities of a team press officer

In many countries,the Team Press Officer is one with a mastery in sports,communication and the environment in which the team is operating.

The team press officer is puntual,discipline and discreet.

Functions of a Team Press Officer

The team press officer has  a couple functions in a team

-He or she prepares press releases depending on the programme schedule of the team

-The Team press officer organises and coordinates  press conferences in collaboration with the media

-The team press officer organises interviews for the players and the technical bench of the team.

-The Team press officer works in collaboration with the Communication department of CAF for the interest of the team

-He or she does pre-interviews with the press  as a means to ensure a fair treatment of information and avoid prolemics.

Who recruits a Team Press Officer

In the case of a country like Cameroon,the Team Press Officer is appointed by the Cameroon Football Federation,FECAFOOT.

The is done through  An understabding between the football governing body and the Ministry of Sports and Physical Education.

This applies in other disciplines like basketball,tenis,handball and many more where the post of a TPO is indispensible.

According to the text reorganising the national football team of Cameroon,the President of FECAFOOT recruits team press officers.

Former Team Press Officer of the Indomitable Lions

-Linus Paschal Fouda –Sports reporter/sports manager

-Raphael Nkoa – Sports reporter

-Vincent de Paul Atangana – Sports reporter

Since the institution of the post of the TPO in Cameroon, a lady has never been recruited for the job.

Many football pundits argue that men understand the problems of the players since most of the personal issues are discussed in the dressing room.

At a time the interface between FECAFOOT and CAF/FIFA is an unending squabbles due to the successive failure to orgainse elections at FECAFOOT,the TPO needs to mend the broken pieces in the football sector.

He or she  needs to clean the image of Cameroon viz-a-viz the public and bring the  peoples love for the Indomitable Lions.

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