Government lifts ban on sales of arms and ammunitions

The Minister of Territorial Administration, Paul Atanga Nji has lifted the ban on the sales of fire arms and ammunitions in eight regions of Cameroon.

The decision that takes effect from 6th September 2018, comes five moths after government imposed a nationwide suspension of the activity.

The ban is however maintained in the North West and South West regions where sociopolitical upheavals threaten national security, Minister Paul Atanga Nji indicated.

The decision to authorise dealers  in arms and ammunition to reopend was taken at the end of a meeting between the Minister of Territorial Administration authorizes and the dealers in Yaounde.

The president of Association of arms dealer in Cameroon, Fernand Belibi, express special thanks to the Head of State and the minister for lifting of suspension that negatively affected their commercial activities.

The Minister insisted on a meticulous control in the arms sales in the country. In this light, arms dealers were requested to scrupulously respect the regulations in arm sales in Cameroon.

They will be expected to ensure that all sales are registered and store managers are expeorted to produce weekly to the administrative authorities.

The reports would contain:

#an exhaustive list of the number of weapons and ammunitions sold

#complete identities of the buyers of weapons and ammunition

#details on the quantity and characteristics weapons and ammunition

They took the commitment on the honor to watch over the traceability of weapons. The minister noted that the measure also concerns hunting guns and ammunition.

Shops for the sales of weapons and ammunitions in the North West and South West regions however remained closed because of the socioploitical upheavals in the regions since the end of 2016.

Elvis Teke

Elvis Teke

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