Presidential Election 2018: CRTV dedicates space for candidates

The Director General of the Cameroon Radio Television, CRTV says the corporation is ready to welcome all nine candidates vying for the 7th October Presidential election.

Charles Ndongo was speaking during an exclusive interview to CRTV on measures taken to efficiently cover the electoral process in Cameroon.

He outlined the institutions resolve to play its public service role.

He said, “As a public service media we are ordained to be at the service of everybody, every candidate, every Cameroonian. As a candidate CRTV will give you section on the air way which you need and which the law allows you to have to express yourself and detail out your political programme. Now that the game is on, we are encouraging all the candidates, all the electors and all Cameroonians to come out on October 7 with the voters cards and effectively vote.”

The Director General of the leading audiovisual channel in the country was speaking after some special programmes dedicated to election debates had been aired on television and its network of radio channels as well as its internet and social media platforms.

During the different editions of the programmes (100% Presidential, Face the Nation) some presidential candidates were on the set while others were represented.

Regarding the participation of candidates on the debate programmes, the CRTV boss said; “We don’t have to oblige the candidates to come. If they feel that their political programme will be well defended by their representatives; that’s good and fine. We are grateful for the candidates who have come and encourage the others to do same”

Elvis Teke

Elvis Teke

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