Presidential Election 2018: Maurice Kamto on an impressive kicker.

A huge crowd gathered at the esplanade of St Michel College for a second rally organised by Maurice Kamto on day- one of campaigns.

Some supporter were on bikes, others on vehicles or high positions to watch their presidential candidate.

Members of the youth wing of the party, “Jeunesse Engagée” in charge order were visibly exhausted dealing with the huge crowd.
Before the arrival of Maurice Kamto, the party’s musical band entertained the crowd while supporters distributed fliers.

The atmosphere was near explosive when the Presidential candidate, Chairman of the party arrived.
Each supporter with a smart phone attempted to capture the historic moment while others negotiated a handshake.

It look several minutes to contain the anxious supporters. When the rally effectively began, members of the coalition of political party’s supporting Maurice Kamto reiterated their determination to vote in Maurice Kamto as third president of the Republic of Cameroon.

The party’s lone Member of Parliament enjoined the supporters to vote for the candidate of change.

Choral groups, traditional dance groups and other socio-cultural associations staged impressive displays during the Douala rally organised by the candidate for the Cameroon Renaissance Movement party, Maurice Kamto.

Elvis Teke

Elvis Teke

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