Presidential election 2018: Maurice Kamto presents coalition and campaign strategy

The Chairman of the Cameroon Renaissance Movement (MRC) has made public a list of six political parties and some professional trade unions that have joined a coalition with his party.

The members of the coalition include,

MPCN of Paul Eric Kingue,

DNRC of Albert Nzongang,

RDDR of Lankolo Dieudonne


Democratic Alliance of Fabio Ongono

Liberal Democrate of Yampouo Jean Robert

Maurice Kamto, candidate for the election of the President of the Republic on 7th October 2018 indicated that besides entire parties some supporters of other parties have also pledged their support.

They include,

UPC west section

UPC Littoral Section

AFP Douala 1 section lead by Jean Claude Feuzue

The civil society groups that are supporting the MRC leader include, Dockers and Patriotic workers of the Douala port

Andre Blaise Essama

Paul Eric Kingue, former mayor of Njumbe Penja and president of the MPCN party is one of the key members of the coalition said he was going to put his energy and resources to ensure a victory for Maurice Kamto. In a key speech during the event, Mr. Kingue promised to campaign against his former allies of the CPDM and to provide his followers to protect the votes of their candidate.

Sylvanus Mutanga Tifuh, former vice President of PADEC political party who crossed carpet with some members of other political parties described Maurice Kamto as a role model because of his brilliant handling of the Bakassi dispute as Cameroon’s lawyer.

The coalition was presented to the press in during in the party’s Odza headquarters during a press conference. The presidential candidate also unveiled his manifesto that his anchored on five major activities with priority on the settlement of the Anglophone crisis.

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