Presidential Election 2018: Osih Joshua unails campaign programme in the North

The candidate of the Social Democratic Front, SDF party has educated his supporters in the North education on the key facets of his political programme.

During his precampaign trip to the northern, Osih Joshua visited Traditional rulers (Lamidos) and other dignitaries of the region explaining to them why they should plebiscite his candidature.

He unveiled his political programme indicating to the electorate that, it is “a programme to increase the purchasing power of Cameroonians.

We are unfortunately in a situation where the outgoing government for 36 years has been fighting against prize hikes and I thinks in the opposite direction, I say it is the purchasing power that is the problem.

We need to put money back into the pockets of Cameroonians and we need to do that as soon as possible.”

He also told the voters of the northern part of the country that is programme is anchored on the promotion of the values of peaceful cohabitations and the promotion health care for all.
“It is a programme for peace, for stability, for wealth.

It is a programme that looks into it is that no Cameroonian gets a night mare or heart attack only thinking about what will happen if a family members falls sick because we are going to put in place a national health insurance scheme, we are going to put in place gratuity for maternity, Osih Joshua said.

According to the presidential candidate, the 2018 presidential pool is an opportunity Cameroonians to vote candidates based on their political agenda for the country.

“This election should be around what candidates propose for Cameroonians and what Cameroonians can get out of it rather than an election where we go and vote for rice, where go and vote because of where someone comes from, where we go and vote because of the fact you are from this or that party.

Cameroonians should really sit down and understand that this election is going to be a referendum or the fact that we keep in place failure, He added.

Supporters and sympethiser of the SDF political candidate can also follow Osih Joshua round the clock through his mobile application available on

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