Presidential election 2018: stakeholders agree to ensure peaceful and credible election

The 7th National Consultation Forum between Elections Cameroon and stakeholders of the electoral process has adopted a code of conduct for the 7th October Presidential Election 2018.

The 21- point binding roles that applied in 2011 was readopted during the stakeholders-Elecam meeting in Yaounde this 06th September 2018.

The participants took firm engagement to accompany Cameroonians exercise their civic rights by abstaining from all forms of violence.

All the parties in the electoral process undertook to refrain from any form of abusive language during the process.

The assembly called on mass media to give equal converge to all candidates and accompany the publication of results to be done only by the competent body.

Political parties also agreed to collaborate with each other, the administration, ELECAM and the judiciary.

The assembly stated that government’s resources shall not be used in favour of any political party .

Security forces will be away from polling stations but shall be on standby in case ELECAM and administrative authorities do reguest them.

Participants agree to respect the results of the elections or in case of contest, only legal means shall be applied.

There was a unanimous agreement to abide by the terms of the code of conduct that the read out in English and French.

Elvis Teke

Elvis Teke

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