Security: Traffic restored along Bamenda- Santa highway

Government has restored traffic along the Bamenda-Santa road after unknown gunmen attempted cutting off access to the town.

On the night of 8th September 2018, armed men stopped buses leaving and coming into Bamenda.

Passengers were ordered out of the busses, laid facedown while the armed men vandalised property in an over two hour operation.

Five buses belonging to the Amour Mezam travel agency were destroyed with the aid of an excavator.

Eye witness accounts hold that the bus company was accused of transporting security forces into the region.

The group also used the excavator to dig a trench on the road to stop the flow of traffic.

Circulation in and out of Bamenda was interrupted for hours.

Even the optical fibre cables buried deep in the ground were cut and exposed.

The excavator, confirmed to have been stolen, was set ablaze by the armed men before they fled the scene.

The Amour Mezam travel agency management laments the loss incurred as a result of the ongoing crisis in the North West and South West regions.

Passengers who were forced out of the buses described the incident as a terrible ordeal.

The Governor of the North West region Adolf Lele L’Afrique quickly dispatched a team of workers to the scene early on Sunday September 9th 2018 morning to work on the damaged area.

The optical fibre cables were quickly put in place and the road repaired.

Traffic along the Bamenda Santa road was re-established by Sunday midday.


Bruno Ndonwie Funwie


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