Society: Chai tea the alledged fortifier in high demand in Yaounde

The Masala Chai is fast becoming a first choice drink for many in Yaounde. Consumers of the beverage hold that it is medicinal and tasteful.

Chai is a flavoured tea beverage made by brewing black tea with a mixture of aromatic spices, herbs, and roots like ginger.

In Cameroon, it is mostly consumed in the three northern regions but in recent times, it has gained much popularity in Yaounde.

On the streets of Yaounde this Thursday 6th September 2018 some consumers explain why the therapeutic dark-brown liquid is a favorite.

“It is the second time I am drinking this,” Claris , sitting in a little booth with a white disposable cup of Chai in her left hand stated.

“I believe it is medicinal. When you drink in hot weather  your body sweats. It cleans your body. But above all, I love it, just like that.,” she continued.
Another consumer, Mbong Michel, holds  a similar  view.

“What I know is that when you sweat upon drinking something, your body is getting rid of some bad things, even HIV/AIDS,” he affirmed.

According to another consumer who preferred to be identified simply as Peter, he is drinking Chai because his friend does.
“I have a friend who owns a shop at Bonas. I always visit him, and we drink Chai,” he said.

This gentleman who originates from the north region where the tea is highly consumed was simply perplexed by our question.
“What did you expect?

“I am from the North. I drink because I am from the North . Are you satisfied?” he asked us as he turned and continued selling his traditional medicine.

Hamed, one of the many vendors says Chai,  is not only medicinal but also a fortifier.

The Chadian-born argues that Chai is mostly consumed in his country and the northern parts of Cameroon because the climate is hot. He says when consumed, the hot beverage harmonizes the body temperature with that of the environment.

“Some people drink without sugar while others ask me to add lemon juice to it,” he added.

Chai, contained in long flasks is sold in little disposable cups, the cost ranging from FCFA 50 to FCFA 100.

Tasha Seidou (intern)

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