Society: Climate change causes heavy rains and floods

Torrential rain attributed to climate change is causing floods and damages in some parts of the country.

The Centre is one of the affected regions.

The rain which usually comes during the July-August interval has been pushed to September reason why it has been devastating.

Some neighbourhoods have been experiencing floods made worse by the poor planning  and haphazard constructions that affect the drainage systems.

Cases of floods have also been reported in Douala, Littoral region with Bonaberi and Bepanda being the most affected.

The North and Far North regions have also experienced the devastating effects of climate change.

Experts say the sandy soils in this part of the country do not absorb the large quantities of water from the rains.

Government has once again warned the population against construction in areas considered risk zones.

A number of measures are currently put in place to ensure the safety of the population in times of torrential rain.

Meteorologist say changes and uncertainties are very common as weather patterns are affected by global warming.


Bruno Ndonwie Funwie

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