2018 Post election: Four front-runners discuss conduct of Election

The CPDM Candidate in the Wait

President Paul Biya, CPDM candidate made a public declaration praising Cameroonians for their political maturity expressed during the period of campaign.
He made the statement shortly after voting and since then, the incumbent has been silent, patiently waiting for the Constitutional Council’s decision expected before 22nd October in accordance with the dispositions in the electoral code.

At the CPDM headquarters, two committees; one in charge of filing petitions and the other in charge of surveying the vote-counting process are busy at work.

The UNIVERS Candidate calls for vigilance

Over at the UNIVERS Party, Cabral Libii had a press briefing on 9th October 2019 in Yaounde.
The candidate discussed the conduct of the election affirming that there were instances of vote rigging.
He however called on his supporters to stay watchful and wait for the official proclamation of the results by the Constitutional Council.


The PURS candidate on the offensive 

Over at the PURS front, Serge Espoir Matomba faced the press on 8th October one day after election. The PURS candidate contended that the election witnessed some hitches.
Serge Espoir Matomba also indicated that the performance of the party was affected by an unfounded rumour that broke out one day to polling day.

False allegations that the north regional wing of the party had rallied behind the CPDM party created confusion in the mind of the supporters and brought down the general performance of the party, according to the PURS candidate.

The CRM candidate provokes outrage

However, none of these reactions from the candidates has been as topical as that of Maurice Kamto, the candidate for MRC.
In his first media outing on 8th October, Mr Kamto stated that he is winner of the presidential election. His statement induced outrage from many Cameroonians who considered it a blatant violation of the country’s electoral code. These Cameroonians point to article 137 of the code that indicates that, only the Constitutional Council has the authority to proclaim the results.

Pamela Bidjocka


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