2018 Post election: The rules of the game are applicable to all

After the public statement from the Secretary General of the CPDM party at the Hilton Hotel this 8th October, the Minister of Communication addressed the assembly.

Mr Issa Tchirom Bakary recounted the context in which the election was organised and the important role expected of the press.

The law which all stakeholders of the election process undertook to abide by, amongst other aspects states that, only the Constitutional Council has the authority to proclaim results.

Presidential Election: The controversy

Government’s spokesman, Issa Tchiroma Bakary stated that the statement this day from the CRM candidate, Maurice Kamto declaring himself winner of the election is premeditated.

The Minister recalled that three days to voting day, the candidate’s campaign Director declared victory for the party and resolved to have the party’s followers fight for the CRM victory.

The Minister therefore considered Maurice Kamto’s recent outing as a threat to the peace that Cameroonians hold so dear.

“How can a man of law who understands the rules of the game make such an irresponsible outing,” the Minister wondered aloud.

To all who pepertrate violence, government’s spokesman said Cameroonians will not let it happen.

He called on all peace-loving Cameroonians to block the way to the enemies of peace as the country awaits results from the Constitutional Council.

Observers and specialised institutions have described the 2018 Presidential Election in Cameroon as credible, fair and sincere.

Pamela Bidjocka

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