2018 Presidential Election: Cabral Libii addresses the worries of the East people

The East region of Cameroon is one of the richest in natural resources in Cameroon.

It is endowed with a vast forest, gold and water resources.

Cabral Libii who made a stop in Bertoua for the presidential campaigns wondered why a region so rich is this underdeveloped.

The population who gathered to hear the presidential hopeful speak complained of lacking the very basic needs that can be provided by the natural resources of their region.

A Univers party supporter decried the fact that despite the East harbouring the Lom Panga hydroelectric power project, they still go days in complete blackout.

Others spoke of the lack of classrooms and benches for schools in their various localities.

Cabral Libii responded to the disgruntled population saying that the political plan he is going to implement will make the East region priority consumers of their own natural resources.

The presidential candidate wondered why he sees trucks transporting logs of wood out of the region yet pupils and students are deprived of benches for studies.

He promised that if voted as president he will open transformative industries in the East that the region and Cameroon can benefit from.

He promised to work in close proximity with the East region to upgrade the level of development to a more deserving point.


Bruno Ndonwie Funwie

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