2018 Presidential Election: Cabral Libii leaves Adamawa to wrap up in the Centre region

Cabral Libii has ended campaign in the three northern regions this Friday 5th October 2018 with the last lap in Ngaoundere, Adamawa region.

Doumbe Oumar stadium hosted the candidate of the Univers party and the huge crowd.

In the full stadium, there were many that made continuous attempts to move closest to the presidential candidate.

The local coordinator of the Univers party welcomed the young politician and immediately raised the problems faced by the population.

Some include lack of infrastructure, no government funding for those engaged in agriculture and the problem of insecurity.

In his characteristic eloquence, the candidate seduced the crowd with convincing solutions to the problems raised.

Cabral Libii promised to transform the livestock potential of the Adamawa region by setting up factories to produce milk and other dairy products.

Mr Libii also promised to create a special fund to support start-ups, favouring job creation in the region.

He wondered why a region so richly endowed has one of the poorest road networks in the country.

The Univers Party candidate frowned at the degree of insecurity characterised by frequent kidnapping for ransom and highway rubbery in the Adamawa region.

Cabral Libii said the failure of the current government in checking these ills is part of the reason why it should be voted out of office on 7th October 2018.

The population applauded the young politician’s ideas promising to give him their votes.

Cabral Libii and his campaign team left for Yaounde immediately after the rally.

He is expected to hold a last campaign rally on Saturday 6th October 2018.


Bruno Ndonwie Funwie

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