2018 Presidential Election: Cabral Libii welcomed in Kribi, ocean division 

Kribi, the Ocean Division, South region woke up this Tuesday 2nd October 2018 to receive an unusual guest.

Cabral Libii left Nkongsamba in the littoral region to the sea side resort town.

Kribi a town hosting Cameroon’s deep sea port counts a good number of youths that were anxious to listen to the Univers Party candidate.

Their anxiety was so evident,   they waited for the arrival of the candidate at the toll gate situated kilometers from the town.

Upon arrival, Cabral Libii was triumphantly led into town to the amazement of other onlookers.

The CPDM party appears to be the only party well implanted in the ocean division but the current campaign has given the people an opportunity to have alternative political proposals.

They listened to the candidate for the presidency of the Republic make a diagnoses of the socio-economic situation in the country.

He contended that things are not well organised due to bad governance.

Cabral Libii told the large crowd that he will find lasting solutions to the problems of housing, he promised to improve on the country’s health delivery system, Mr Libii promised to create three million jobs by the end of his first five year mandate.

The promises were many and the enthusiastic crowd applauded in approval.

Just like in most of his stops, the presidential candidate for the Univers Party insisted that the population must go to the polls on 7th October 2018. Change he says, can be possible only if the electorate effectively cast their ballot.


Bruno Ndonwie Funwie

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