2018 Presidential Election: Ngaoundere awaits Cabral Libii

The candidate for the Univers party Cabral Libii has just ended a series of marathon meetings in the Far North and North regions.

Cabral Libii is expected in Ngaoundere on Friday 5th October where he is going to hold his last campaign rally for the northern regions.

Ngaoundere is considered the stronghold of the Univers party in Cameroon.

It is host to the party’s national headquarters.

Ngaoundere is the only town in Cameroon where the Univers party has municipal councillors.

That explains the massive preparations being made to welcome the party’s representative for the presidential race.

Preparatory activities

A huge mobilisation has been going on to welcome Cabral Libii, presidential candidate for the Univers party in Ngaoundere.

Univers municipal councillors and other top party officials engaged in a door to door campaign to woo supporters for the Friday 5th October mega meeting.

Others joined a caravan to make a tour of the town to create public awareness of the meeting.

Expectations of the population

Supporters of the Univers party are planning to turnout out massively for this Friday’s meeting.

They do not only fantasize to see the presidential candidate in person for the first but hope their worries are addressed in his political agenda.

Oumarou Abdoulaziz who is a student at the University of Ngaoundere hopes Cabral Libii addresses the housing problem being faced by the student quarters.

He complained of the annual increase of rents which makes it difficult for an average student to afford decent lodging.

Danda Marshall says the youth of Ngaoundere need jobs.  He is interested in hearing the presidential candidate’s proposal on employment.

After this Friday 5th October meeting in Ngaoundere, Cabral Libii will end his campaign tour in Yaounde with a mega meeting at the foregrounds of the Ahmadou Ahidjo stadium on 6th October 2018.


 Bruno Ndonwie Funwie

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