2018 Presidential Elections: highlights of post electoral petition hearings

Five candidates filed at total of 18 petitions for the partial or complete cancellation of the 7th October election of the President of the Republic. A total 14 fifteen petitions were files by Bertin Kisob of the Cameroon Justice Party who did not take part in the election because his candidature was rejected by the Electoral Board of Elections Cameroon.

The Constitutional Council exceptional authorised Kisob a detainee at the Yaoundé Kondengui Central to defend his case before the council.  However, the petition was thrown out because he is not qualified to petition the council because he is neither a candidate nor an administrative official directly concerned by the election.

Reverend Gaganmindaha Rigobert also filed to run was the election by was also reject by the ELCAM. His petition for the Council was also deem inadmissible for a similar reason.

Universe petition

The Constitutional Council also dismissed the petition of Cabral Libii, Presidential candidate of the Universe party in the 2018 presidential election because it was submitted after the deadline. Unlike the other candidates who were present at took the floor to defend their petitions, Cabral Libii was absent from the hearings.

CRM petition

Maurice Kamto of the Cameroon Renaissance Movement party filed two petitions to the Constitutional Council. The first was on the fact that some members of the constitutional council had links with the CPDM party or carried out other functions in violation of the law creating the institution. The petition was deem inadmissible because only the President of the Republic or two third of members of the Constitutional Council can petition the organisation of the constitutional council.

The second petition for the partial cancellation of the 7th October Presidential election in the Adamawa, East, North West, South West, South, North, Far North was deem admissible but dismissed for lack of evidence after two days of debates.

SDF petition

The Social Democratic Front also took two days trying to convince the Constitutional Council to cancel the 7th October Presidential election for low participation in the North West and South West regions due to insecurity. The council concluded that elections took place in the regions despite the turnout of 5.5 percent in the North West and 15 percent in the South West. According to the Constitutional Council the low participation rate did not influence the general outcome of the poll.

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