Cabral Libii: The enigma of the 2018 Presidential election

In the ongoing process to elect a president, Cabral Libii, invested by the Univers party has been one of the major curiosities.

His supporters and others who simply admire him point to his eloquence, his mastery of the issues and above all the unique manner in which he reached the spotlight.

As the process advances, Cameroonians discover a young talented and well-read politician.

Cabral Libii has a polite answer to the most insidious question. Understanding the African mind, the candidate has opted to remain humble even in situations of adversity.

Cabral Libii the catalyst; Supporters the actors

Cabral Libii’s strategy consist of placing his following at the forefront of major decisions while he remains the catalyst.

From the onset, he spearheaded the scheme to have 11 million voters on ELECAM’s list. This exercise, even before he declared his candidacy, took him to major towns and cities nationwide.

When ELECAM requested a 25 million CFAF deposit to complete the application for each candidate to take part in the 7th October presidential election, Cabral Libii once again challenged his supporters to make in contributions.

His supporters were left in suspense until the last day when he announced the contribution had been completed.

In the build up to the official campaign period, the candidate, invested by the Univers Party, made so many media appearances.

His performance during political debates is what has bumped -up his following.

Cabral Libii: the age factor

One of the candidate’s major driving force is his youthfulness.

At 38, facing off with much older candidates in a presidential election, Cabral Libii sells his age to Cameroon’s predominantly youthful population.

This segment of the population aspire to have its representation in the decision making sphere increased.

Little wonder Cabral Libii has proven to be a perfect match for such aspiration.

No matter how unrealistic some of his offers sound; election is first and foremost about appealing to supporters

Cabral Libii’s political agenda

#The form of state: Regionalism.

# Economic plan: – -Industrialise the economy

On the spot transformation of agricultural produce.

#Health: “Affordable healthcare for all.”

#Employment: creation of three million jobs within the first five year mandate

#Education: Integrating local languages in schools

-Revamping vocational institutions for more job creation

The candidate’s full agenda integrates many other offers in the social, cultural and economic domains.


Bruno Ndonwie Funwie

2 pensées sur “Cabral Libii: The enigma of the 2018 Presidential election

  • 5 octobre 2018 à 15 h 01 min

    Tu es le candidat du changement, tous les autres ont bien fait partie des multiples années du gouvernement BIYA
    Pardon votons massivement pour CABRAL pour que les enfants du Cameroun puissent enfin profiter directement des richesses de leurs sous sol aujourd’hui exploitées par les étrangers pour que chaque camerounais ait une meilleure reconnaissance de son travail quelle qu’il soit, pour les routes soient faites pour un Cameroun propre et insalubre pour plus d’infrastructures et des bourses d’études pour nos enfants…

    • 7 octobre 2018 à 9 h 30 min

      Bonjour ! Contribution bien reçue…. Bon vote à vous ! Merci et à bientôt sur notre site.


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