Communication: CRTV and RTNC, Congo’s state owned media begin a new partnership

The Deputy Director General of the CRTV this Monday 29th October 2018 received in audience the Deputy Director General of the DRC state owned media, Radio-Television Nationale (RTNC).


Mr Mulumba received a warm welcome from CRTV’s Deputy Director General, Wongibe Emmanuel and his close aids in the conference room of the Mballa II production house.

The two managers exchanged views on the management of a media of public service.

The CRTV’s DGM presented the corporation and explained the role of the different departments.

Mr. Mulumba in turn discussed the problems faced by RTNC stating that the challenges are not too different from those which the CRTV is confronted with.

The visiting official congratulated CRTV for its fair and extensive coverage of the 2018 Presidential Election.

He also expressed the willingness to collaborate with CRTV to benefit from the corporation’s expertise and technological advancement.

The two media scribes all agreed that the continent need to work together and project the African value and check western influence.

Mr Wongibe Emmanuel, CRTV Deputy General Manager handed over a souvenir gift to his guest.


Bruno Ndonwie Funwie

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