La Francophonie : Louise Mushikiwabo is Secretary General

Louise Mushikiwabo, has been elected head of La Francophonie this Friday 12th october 2018.
She was elected during a Heads of State and Government closed door session in Armenia.
 Reacting to the announcement during the ongoing 17th Summit of La Francophonie, Louise  Mushikiwabo expressed gratitude to La Francophonie family promising to begin consultations to move the institution forward.
Louise Mushikiwabo was born on 22nd May 1961. She is Rwandan Minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation since 2009.
 Elected  Secretary General for a four year term, she replaces Michaëlle Jean who was elected in 2014 during the 15th Summit of la Francophonie in Dakar,
The International Organisation of la Francophonie  is an international institution established in 1970.
It is comprised of 54 member states, 4 associate and 26 observer states with  common goals that include strengthening and promoting the French language and universal values.
The International Organisation of la Francophonie works to promote peace, democracy and human rights.
It also works to uphold cultural and linguistic diversity, supporting education and training within member states and governments through multilateral cooperation.
Pamela Bidjocka

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