UN Day: Government renews commitment to efficient energy management

Cameroon has observed the 73rd UN Day on the theme “Energy as a driver of sustainable development”.

Commemorative activities were organized at the Ministry of External relations this 24th October 2018.

In the presence of  top officials , Heads of diplomatic missions, and other important personalities, government’s endevours in developing the energy sector came under close focus.

The Minister delegate in charge of the Islamic world, Adoum Gargoum identified the different avenues explored by government in the domain of energy development.

He specified that Cameroon has opted for the efficient management of energy for sustainable development through the production of 3000 megawatts of energy by 2021.

According to government’s forecast, jobs will be created and the target localities developed.

The  Cordinator of the UN systems in Cameroon Allegra Baochi said the UN is committed to partnering with government to fight the bad use of energy.

UN Day: The  Mission

The UN day was instituted in 1948 by UN member countries, to celebrate the achievements of the UN.

The United Nations as an international organ was created  primarily for conflict resolution, peace and security,sustainable development, humanitarian assistance and sustainable development.

Kathy Neba Sina

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