World Stroke Day: An expert approach to prevention and treatment


On this occasion of World Stroke Day, Prof. Alfred Njamnshi, professor of Neurology and president of the society of Cameroonian neurologists edifies the public on important issues relating to stroke, the risk factors, symptoms and prevention.

Prof.Alfred Njamnshi , Professor of Neurology and president of the society of Cameroonian Neurologists

What is a stroke to a lay person?

A stroke  is a brain attack . It occurs when the blood vessels that supply the vein are ruptured or blocked. When they are ruptured, it’s a hemorrhagic stroke which means blood goes out of the vessel and gets into where it’s not supposed to go causing a lot of pressure and your brain  can die from that.When a blood vessel in the brain is blocked, it means the vessel that was supposed to get the blood supply will not get oxygen and that blood vessel will die.

What are some of the symptoms of stroke

Symptoms depend on the zone or region attacked by stroke. You have different types of symptoms.They  include loss of function meaning you will not be able to move an arm or mouth . Your face could be twisted or your speech disturbed, that the person will not be able to talk properly.These symptoms appear very abruptly. Whether it’s a rupture or a blockage of vessel,it occurs abruptly.When these abrupt symptoms appear in a person with cardiovascular risks like high blood pressure, diabetes or chain smoking , we can suspect a stroke.

What are some  of the risk factors associated to stroke

The main risk  factor
is high blood pressure, diabetes. However,obesity , some serious infections and pathologies in our context like sickle cell disease cause stroke in children.

Which preventive measures do you recommend?

You must get out of the risk factors and live a normal active life . Avoid junk foods , eat fruits and vegetables. Also lower your blood pressure and live a stress reduced life.
If someone is diagnosed of any of the diseases mentioned, they should be followed up and be controlled for high blood pressure, diabetes or other related diseases that might be risk factors for cardiovascular problems.

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