2018 Swearing in: the key moments at the Unity Palace

Tuesday, 6th November 2018 has been enshrined in Cameroon’s office journal as the day President Paul Biya took the oath of office following his victory in the 7 October presidential poll.

The day began at the National Assembly at the Ngoa Nkelle neighbourhood in Yaounde.

President Paul Biya accompanied by his wife Chantal Biya were received at the National Assembly at 11:00am by the Speaker of the Lower House of Parliament, Honourable Cavaye Yegiue Djibril.

The speaker gave a welcome address that highlighted the symbolism and context of the solemn ceremony that brought together Senators, members of Parliament, the Constitutional Council and the Supreme Court.

The President of the Republic then took the oath of office as spelt out by the Constitution.

President Paul Biya’s inaugural address focused on fostering decentralisation, youth employment, resolution of the Anglophone crisis and the emergence of Cameroon.

He called on Cameroonians to join him in building a peaceful and prosperous nation.

Military Honours

The military paid the allegiance to the Head of State, Commander in Chief of the Defence Forces at the courtyard of the National Assembly.

Immediately after the military honours, a one hundred and one gun salute was fire by the Army and the Presidential Guard in honour of the Commander in Chief.

Hundreds of cheering Cameroonians waved the national flags as Presidential Motorcade drove to the Unity Palace.

The Presidential Guard, a specialised elite corps of the military charged with the protection of the Head of State, his family and guests pledged their allegiance to the Head of State with military honours at the esplanade of the State House.


The Grand Chancellor of National Orders awarded the insignia of Grand Master of the National Orders to the President of the Republic during another solemn ceremony in the diplomatic salon of the State House.

Members of the diplomatic corps accredited to Yaounde and national dignitaries where then presented to the President of the Republic.

He also received the congratulations of the dignitaries during the event.

The ceremony at the Unity Palace ended with a reception offered by the Presidential Couple.

In the meantime a live concert was organised at the esplanade of the Presidential Palace.

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