2018 Swearing-in: Yaounde on to a new start after celebration

Inhabitants of Yaounde have resumed normal activities one day after the public holiday to mark the swearing-in of the President of the Republic.

As early as 6:30am this 7th November 2018, pupils and students could be seen along sidewalks waiting to board taxis for school as the usual traffic congestion at the major junctions raised its ugly head again.

At Ministerial Departments and other state institutions, work effectively resumed this Wednesday.

Most state workers arrived at their offices as early as 7:30am to face the day’s challenges.

At snack bars and restaurants it was general cleaning. Managers were faced with a tedious task of clearing the mess, to start a new day with other customers.

Roadside cleaners, most from the City Council, did not have it easy either. Major streets had been littered with waste. The plastic bags, empty cans and papers spread everywhere tell the story of yesterday’s celebration.

But, gone is the celebration. The rush witnessed in streets this 7th November is clear sign that Yaounde is back to its normal activities.

Yesterday’s Swearing-In ceremony is definitely a thing of the past.

Eleanor Ayuketah Ngochi

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