Kribi Deep Seaport: Management acquires a Captain’s Gig

Management of the Kribi Autonomous Deep Seaport has acquired a new navigation vessel to better operations at the port.

The new Captain’s Gig was received by the port’s management at the Mboro wharf on Wednesday 31st September 2018.

Experts say the new boat which will be used for the transportation of the Captain and crew to and from ship upon arrival or departure is a state of the art masterpiece and will facilitate navigation in the port’s waters.

The Director General of the Kribi Deep Seaport Patrice Melom is confident that the Captain’s Gig will improve on the working conditions of the port.

“This small boat will inevitably give another impetus to the work done here. We hope to acquire another within a year in order to ease the navigation on the wharf.”

Mr. Melom added the new assets being acquired by the port’s management is also to help the port gain its autonomy.

The newly acquired boat is twelve metres long with a six seats capacity.

The Captain’s Gig, is a fast boat that is used to transport the captain aboard ships arriving or leaving the port.


Bruno Ndonwie Funwie

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