Music: ‘My Way’, making its way into many hearts

‘Me I di find my way, My brother find your way too, Life na turn by turn, Demain pour toi va sortir.’

These are the trending lyrics from the hit song ‘My Way’ by Stanley Enow featuring Locko and Tzy Panchak.

The four-minute musical piece has won the hearts of many.

Stanley Enow and Tzy Panchak are household names with the youth and since the clip was released their admirers have become more excited.

The video quality, great work of the producer and outfits of the artists add more to the sound quality.

The song hits on a topical issue, the idea of hustling to make a living; many Cameroonian youths relate with the theme.

‘My Way’ was directed by Dr Nkeng Stephens, produced by Softouch beats and mixed and mastered by Slimbeatz.

The official video of the musical piece which was posted on Youtube on 14th September 2018 has already had over 675,000 views and 11,000 likes.

Eleanor Ayuketah Ngochi

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