National Assembly: what the law says about food security in Cameroon

The draft law on food safety stipulates that consumers have the right to the protection of their life, health and safety as well as the environment in the consumption of technologies, goods or services.

The Minister of Health, André Mama Fouda defended the bill at the National Assembly this Thursday 15th November 2018.

The law outlines guidelines for consumer protection.

It also indicates that consumers have the right to the satisfaction of basic needs in various domains including; health, food, housing, education, transportation and communications.

Consumer Protection

The draft law on food security condemns unfair and restrictive trade practices as well as unfair terms of contracts for consumption.

It however specifies that the seller, supplier or provider of a technology must provide or deliver to the consumer a product, technology, good or service that meets the minimum requirements of durability, usage and, reliability that ensures its legitimate satisfaction.

Physical security

According to the draft food security law adopted in parliament, authorities and consumer groups are expected to create and strengthen appropriate institutional frameworks to ensure efficient management, collection and disposal of hazardous or toxic waste.

They would also ensure water management and wastewater treatment in compliance with current legislation and regulations.

Protection of the environment.

The draft law prohibits the sale of unpackaged food products, with the exception of raw products.

Elvis Teke

Elvis Teke

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