New Mandate: President Paul Biya pays particular attention to sport

Cameroon will host the 2019 Africa Cup of Nations, AFCON. In the build-up the continental football jamboree, President Paul Biya has promised to give sports the support it deserves.

The Head of State made the statement his inaugural address on the occasion of the swearing-in ceremony in Yaounde.

He said, “bearing in mind that the ultimate goal of democracy is to provide the greatest number of people with the best living conditions possible and real equal opportunities, I will continue to devote all my efforts to: … providing the sports sector with the support that it deserves, in the hope that the efforts that we have made to host AFCON 2019 will be rightly rewarded.”

The promise comes to consolidate an earlier declaration that Cameroon will be ready on the set date to host the continental competition.

Besides creating an enabling environment for different sporting disciplines top blossom, Cameroon has also engaged in infrastructural development.

New stadia and lugging facilities are being developed in view of hosting the first edition of the AFCON with 24 clubs. Officials from the Confederation of African Football who have been to Cameroon on different inspection missions have saluted the country’s commitment and efforts deployed to prepare the hosting of the AFCON.

In a bid to make Cameroon a reference in the continent, President Paul Biya said, “The goal of achieving emergence must become a major national cause rallying all our fellow citizens in order transform Cameroon into a modern and socially advanced country.

That is why, here and now, I am calling on the Cameroonian people, who I know to be patriotic, to help me to continue the task of nation-building in peace.”

Elvis Teke


Elvis Teke

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