Universal Children’s Day: Another day of reflection

Cameroon joins the international community this 20th, November 2018 to commemorate universal children’s day on the theme “Children are taking over and turning the world blue “.

The Minister of social Affairs, Pauline Irene Nguene chaired a meeting to advocate for the protection of children’s rights.

The UN, UNICEF and other stakeholders came together with 200 children and parents in Yaounde to discuss the child’s rights .

Children’s rights: Cameroon makes progress

Stakeholders agreed that Cameroon has made significant strides in upholding the rights of children inspite of some impediments.

These include;

# Malnutrition
# Health issues
# limited access to education
# infant mortality,
# Child labour
# Mental and psychologically abuse

To abate these setbacks, government has ratified a couple of international conventions.
The counry has also designed a legal framework to protect the rights of children.

Presently, children are registered at birth.
Government has also the created a centre for the socialization and education of children in the North Region.The North Region is reputed for its adverse geographical and climatic conditions.

The universal children’s day was instituted on 20th November 1989 following the adoption of the declaration of the rights of the child by the General Assembly of the United Nations.
It is a day set aside to promote and protect the rights of children.

Kathy Neba Sina

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