World Philosophy Day: Cameroonians evoke philosophy as central to existence

Cameroon joined the international community on Thursday 15th November 2018 to commemorate World Philosophy Day.

On this day, the United Nations reflect on the enduring value of philosophy in the development of human thought, to culture and each individual.

As the United Nations reflect, Cameroonians nationwide affirm philosophy is a broad based discipline.

Professor Ebenezar Njoh Mouele says Philosophy is one of the most important fields of human thought as it explains the meaning of life.

He says philosophy helps people look at life from a different perspective.

The professor argues that philosophy triggers critical thinking, tolerance and social cohesion among communities.

Conscious of the cardinal role in human development, the government of Cameroon has included philosophy as one of the subjects in the school curricula.

Martin Mvogo a philosophy student says the subject has   enabled him improve on school performance.

“Since I started studying Philosophy, I have a better understanding of other subjects. Some topics in history and literature that seemed complex to understand now come easy to me.”

A priest of the Claratian Missionary also explains that three years of their long period of training is dedicated to the study of philosophy.

“A priest is one who meets many different people, in different situations. He must understand the human mind  in its goodness, but also in its depravities. That is when our knowledge of philosophy comes to play.”


Bruno Ndonwie Funwie

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