World Toilet Day: Government and stakeholders team up against open-air defecation

Cameroon joins the United Nations this Monday 19th November to observe world toilet Day.
The theme for reflection is “When nature calls”.

Experts say more people have mobile phones than access to toilets.Statistics from the World Health Organization reveal that 4.5billion people don’t have access to proper sanitation. A good number of school children in specific areas in the world also, don’t have access to toilets.

In the absence of a toilet, people resort to defecating in streams, river beds and open-air.This behavioral pattern poses serious health risks to the public.

To address this disturbing problem, Serge Christian Ekodo , proprietor of Dorothy Company, in partnership with government, the Yaounde  city council and other stakeholders, installed the first mobile public toilets in Yaounde five years ago.

These mobile public toilets have been placed at the Independence square, May 20 Avenue, Bois st Anastasie and other strategic  locations.

Yaounde city dwellers have saluted the initiative and applauded the staff of the company for properly managing these mobile public toilets.

The initiative to combat open-air defecation
is just one among many measures to improve hygiene and sanitation.

Toilets and health risks

The worse hit areas of the recent cholera outbreak witnessed since May 2018 are in the North region.Health experts attribute this to the absence of toilets in most homes.Adults and children in the absence of toilets in homes, defecate in open air.

The Minister of Health, Andre Mama Fouda in a recent outing, warned that all homes must have toilets.Six months after the warning, the governor of the  North region, Jean Abate Edi goes further, promising a crackdown on those who will not respect government’s prescription.

World toilet day was instituted by the United Nations on 24th, July 2013. On this day, UN member states advocate for more access to well maintained and safe toilets by 2030.

Kathy Neba Sina

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