2018 Dixiades : Heavy cultural displays mark the openning

Everything but sports characterised the grand opening ceremony of the 6th edition of the National Games of Cameroon, Dixiades, at the kuenkong Omnisport Stadium in Bafoussam.

Almost all tribunes but a few were occupied by different dance groups and traditional rulers from the grassfields.

The most interesting part of the opening ceremony was the extensive cultural show that lasted for some hours.

The eight different divisions that make up the west region left unforgettable memories of their culture and tradition in the minds of the visitors and top government autorities.

The “Manyi’s Manyi’s” a highly acclaimed and secret group of twin mothers walk round the stadium in total silence.

They were dressed in red and on their hands were peace plants. At every instance the people bowed while those who master the secret cult murmured words in their various native languages.

The scene was adorable as even the music grew faint while the traditional rulers waved to the women whose steps were artistic and majestical.

Similar scenes like this were witnessed for quiet a while and in every case onlookers who expressed joy struggled to capture the scenes with smartphones.

A young and energetic group code named “Nyang Nyangs” also charmed the populations with their colours, powerful footsteps and their artifacts.

Women, men, youth amongst many others clothed in varied traditional custumes overshadowed the show with dances, displays and songs.

From Baleng, Bamoungoum, Mbouda, Dschang, Bangante, Bafoussam just to name a few, no traditional ruler or highly secretive groups were left behind.

Benly Anchunda

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