2018 Nguon festival: A special day with first appearance of the Sultan

It was an exceptionally bright afternoon in Foumban, the Noun division, West Region this Tuesday 4th December 2018.

The traffic at the entrance to the town told of the festive atmosphere that is building up.

Further into the town, two main sites are attracting the thousands streaming into the town.

First is the Nguon village with hundreds of people walking in and out. The yellow urban transportation taxis dropping and picking up passengers gives the image of a bee hive.

Further away is the medieval chateau built way back in 1917 where the king reigns.

Many gathered in the esplanade of the palace for the traditional meet-and-greet formality with Sultan Ibrahim Mbombo Njoya.

An afternoon with the company of the Sultan

The Bamoums have a special attachment to the Sultan. Fondly called Nji Mbouombouo, the 19th King of the dynasty of Nshare Yen makes a majestic appearance and was greeted with incessant applause.

Groups follow protocol directives, each taking turns to pay allegiance to the Sultan.

Women associations were first introduced.

They moved to the King in songs of praises bearing gifts.

In a rare manner sultan Njoya invites his guests to a photo session.

Other guests are introduced, men and women of different professional and social backgrounds all having a one common objective.

The Nguon festival is another occasion to greet a leader who rules over a dynasty founded in 1394.


 Bruno Ndonwie Funwie

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